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The time has come and you know that you are ready to buy a home. You must bear in mind that acquiring a property is not like any other purchase, it is an investment. Considering that the character of the decision should not be taken only on inspirational aspects, but also on objectives. Since, you may arrive and find that ideal place, fall in love with it and simply give your money to buy it. It doesn’t make buying a home the most logical decision if you didn’t take a number of factors into account.

In this blog, Yarmoloy Group experts will guide you through an ideal step-by-step to make the right decision to buy a home. Where you will have to be attentive to the details and what to expect.

1. Saving Is Essential To Buy A Home

The economic factor is always important to make any type of investment. It is not a question of wanting to do it without being realistic, you must have a prior plan to achieve it. Before starting any housing project you must save. Set a goal and the time it will take to achieve it, remember that to buy a property you need money, and the more you have, the better it will be.

The chances of owning a home increase if you show that you have the capital to start the negotiation.

2. Determine Your Budget

This step is linked to the previous one since you must determine how much you can and should save to achieve your goals. Start then, checking what your monthly income and expenses are, by making that list you will know how much money you can count on to make monthly payments for the purchase of a property. But be careful, you must also be clear about your debts, obligations, and income, this value will be useful to determine your ability to borrow and save.

Rome wasn’t built in a single day and that’s how your savings should be.

It is necessary that you have to adjust your lifestyle, avoiding the so-called “ant expenses”, some trips, and the purchase of additional clothing to suit your needs, but then there will be room to assume this commitment. Every goal requires a sacrifice, but it is worth it.

3. Establish Your Needs To Buy A Home

You must know very well what you want because when visiting properties it is very easy to fall in love with a space at first sight and it is just at that moment that you must remember your list of needs or priorities.

So first define: What are you looking for in a property?

How many rooms do you require? How many bathrooms would you like to have? What is the area of ​​predilection? What area is more convenient to buy, one that is close to work or your family? Would you like to live near main streets, schools, parks or shopping centers in the sector?

We recommend that you be open to the possibilities and prioritize on your list which ones are most necessary. It is with this that you will be able to stay with the home that meets most of your requirements or at least, with those that are most important to you.

The decision may change depending on your relationships when buying a home

We must take into account that priorities change when we are in a relationship and what is sought in the future. At this point, it will help you to clarify your needs in the short, medium and long term and the life project you want to take on. When you are in a relationship, you should consider if you want to live there for a long period, if you have stability in your relationship and in your finances, the number of children, etc. Remember that each piece of information will be essential to choose the perfect option before buying a home.

4. Start Your Home Search

It is possible that this stage of the process can be overwhelming, but you have virtual tools at hand that will allow you to quickly contrast properties, such as knowing the market in a few hours. Remember the following steps:

Lean on all the information you find, currently, you have virtual tours, 360 ° photographs, and much more, take them into account.

Take advantage of our filters and advantages to find the housing options that fit your list of needs that you prepared before.

Now we will continue with a small selection of your favorite spaces, compare them and visit the ones that best suit your profile if you consider it. Comparing homes is very important to know the benefits of each one and choose the most convenient and not the one that discounted you at first glance but does not meet your needs.

5. Check The House With A Magnifying Glass

Having an objective vision with an eagle’s eye of every detail is essential in real estate. You have to take into account two aspects to verify:

The real estate: As for the property, take a deep look at the walls and the installed appliances. Also, ask about the pipes and the changes they have had, check that there are no water and gas leaks.

This is vital since within the negotiation the factors must be taken into account since this will vary according to these aspects. That is, they either solve the problems or adjust a lower price that accommodates the current state of the house. In this sense, it is also very important to inquire about the current situation of the property. You must make sure that you do not have financial, inheritance, or legal problems.

The seller: With regard to the construction company, it is also essential to know if it has met all its customers. You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you determine the transparency of the firms involved.

6. The Negotiation Begins

The time has come to negotiate the value of the property. Having the advice of an experienced realtor will be of great help. Get the deal that best suits you, pay the fair value according to the market and the characteristics of the home. When you are clear in this regard, you will be able to present the required documents, take your savings, and consider making the best decision based on valuable data.

Yarmoloy Group has a team capable of giving you the best support in real estate investment advice. We invite you to solve your doubts with our team and receive the support of the best in the real estate field. Know the best way to buy a home and choose the home that suits your needs and preferences.


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