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Examine the advantages of trusting a respectable real estate company with your property. Find out how working with experts can raise the value of your property and shorten the time it takes to sell.

When we rent or sell an apartment or house we want to get the best possible profit and without investing much, but what are the advantages of marketing our property through a real estate company?

Yarmoly Group real estate company offers economic, legal, and budgetary guarantees; leaving a property in the hands of companies in charge of it guarantees a transparent and smooth negotiation with buyers.

Next, you will explore several advantages of putting the property to be sold or leased in the hands of realtors:

Avoid theft:                                  

If the contract is direct, you can only verify the authenticity of the interested party in a notary’s office, making sure that their identity is the true one. However, you cannot verify that the documents provided by this person and their ability to pay are authentic.

The opposite occurs with a real estate company because in the investigation carried out by it, the authenticity of the documents provided is certified, however, there is always some risk of fraud, for this reason, the real estate must have lawyers specialized in the subject.

Payment analysis and data verification:

The real estate company works closely with insurance companies or guarantee companies, and they are usually in charge of carrying out an exhaustive study of the credibility of those who intend to rent or buy real estate, consulting the credit databases and verifying that the documents provided are authentic.

Property advertising:

The real estate company may or may not put notices on the facade, however, the main investment of real estate brokerage companies is that they have a database where they filter the properties among their most recurring clients, they also make use of the new one’s technologies to reinforce the commercialization of the property, likewise, they have a webspace or real estate portal where the property will also be published. In addition, the real estate advisor can always accompany the client and show him the apartment if required.

Damages or inconveniences of coexistence:

In general, this is one of the main reasons why real estate is used; Presto that in these situations it becomes difficult for the owner of the property to find an effective solution, becoming a problem; taking into account that any damage caused within the rental property corresponds to the arrangement of the tenant.

Likewise, there may be coexistence limitations in the environment where the property is located, that is when a legal agreement is necessary to guarantee the correct operation of the lease, with the real estate agency in charge of maintaining direct contact with the tenant.

Property Status:

When the contract is direct, there is a risk that the tenant or buyer is not totally loyal to the real state of the property.

Unlike if the contract is carried out through a real estate agency, it must comply with the obligation to verify the original state of the property, leaving a photographic or audiovisual record of it, guaranteeing transparency at the time of carrying out the rental or sale business.

Defaulting tenants or buyers :

In cases of defaulting tenants or buyers, real estate companies have a legal system of guarantees where a legal support service is offered for these cases, avoiding this type of situation and offering their clients the security of avoiding debts from their tenants.

These are some of the situations that can be avoided by leaving your property in the hands of people who handle lease or sale contracts with total transparency, for this the real estate agencies must guarantee correct compliance with the contract.


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