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There are a massive amount of articles related to techniques and tips on how to sell the house and land. These lists contain “common sense” tasks and tend to fail to support the owner in generating a sale. In this article, we will discuss three more specific tips that can really increase the opportunity to generate your sale.

Tips For How to Sell the House
1. Target the Millennial Home Market

Millennials / young adults are reaching the stage of their lives where they represent a potential market for real estate buyers, some of them are already reaching their 30s and are already in an advanced career in their profession of labor field, which means that they have the income and capital necessary to make their first real estate purchase. Millennials (20-30 years old) will tend to represent 36% of buyers in the short term. Starting this year, the millennial generation will be the largest group of buyers of houses and land for 5 years according to analyzes by experts and our team. How can we target this market?

-Social Networks: Who has seen a millennial without seeing his cell phone? It is clear that the most effective and powerful way is through social networks. It is important that the agency you are working with is very clear about this aspect and has all the tools, platforms, and content to cover this potential market, it will no longer be enough just to publish in the newspaper or dispersion platforms, the game to change.

-Invest in making your home highly energy efficient: According to the National Study of Real Estate Builders, 84% of Millennials have commented that they would pay up to 2% – 3% more for a property that is truly efficient in using Energy. Taking this study, if your property is valued at a million pesos, a millennial could have to pay $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 pesos more for your house. It is a good option to think about improving the energy efficiency of your property.

2.  How to Sell the House? Do not put aside the repairs that are required in your house

It is critically important to keep your home ready and functional. Take charge of keeping your house without damage, large or small, fix bathrooms, paint details, check the ceilings and floors, throw away or take old furniture that detracts from your property and the spaces it offers. If the property is not in healthy condition, it is possible that a large percentage of potential clients lose interest and those interested negotiate your price or ask you to fix the details.

3. An Image Is Equal To A Thousand Words To Sell Your House

If you want to sell your house or searching on how to sell the house quickly and effectively, do not have much faith in your ability to use your cell phone camera, better invest in a professional photographer. This is proven by a study, a well-known company in the United States carried out the experiment of duplicating all its property publications, the first version of the properties with photos taken with a cell phone and the duplicates with professional photographs. Here were the results: They found that the properties with professional photos sold the properties in half the time their average sale time.

At Yarmoloy Group, we believe in helping our clients obtain the best negotiations in real estate, whether in purchase or sale. We try to transmit all relevant information to the real estate for our clients and colleagues. That is how our Tips of How to sell the house works.


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