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Are you looking to rent an apartment? The rent of houses continues being a formula on the rise. If the economic crisis caused an increase in rents due to the job uncertainty in which many people began to live, the crisis derived from the pandemic is causing the same. In British Columbia, 22% of the population rents.

The reasons are varied. The inability to buy a home due to lack of resources is usually one of the main reasons why a person decides to rent a flat. But there are also others, such as not wanting to own a home or the case of students and another profile of people who temporarily reside in a place.

1.- Underestimate search time

There are times when the search for an apartment for rent cannot go far ahead, but in others, it is the tenants’ own laziness that delays the task.

The first mistake when renting an apartment is to think that you will find it soon when the average is around 50 days, especially if you start looking in October or March, especially difficult months to find an apartment.

Therefore, if you have to leave a home and you do not want to end up in another that does not convince you because the bull has caught you, we advise you to start the search early. The ideal would be to get down to work two months before.

2.- Rent an apartment above your possibilities

Leaving an apartment that you have rented with great enthusiasm because you cannot pay it or because it greatly limits your quality of life is a real chore. But it is something that happens to many tenants who have been carried away by how much they liked a home without thinking that it was going a bit from their budget.

The best thing is that you are realistic and do not make the mistake of letting yourself be carried away by what you like and not by your real economic situation. We advise you to set a ceiling price for yourself and that you can set based on the fact that you should not allocate more than 35% of your monthly budget to renting the home.

3.- Not being informed of the rules of the neighborhood community

Other times, the perfect apartment is not in the perfect community, or at least not for you and your lifestyle. That is why it is important that you ask before signing the rental contract if there are any specific prohibitions in the apartment community, such as the prohibition of pets or the limitation of hours to use certain appliances. We advise you to know these rules in advance before renting an apartment so that the community does not become your worst nightmare.

4.- Not knowing what services are included in the rent

It seems like a very beginner’s mistake but it is essential to be clear about the services that are included in the rental price. Especially pay attention to the expenses of the community, hot water, heating and Wifi, and telephony.

Normally, the community is usually included and the rest of the services are paid separately, although many rentals include minimal consumption of heating and hot water. Do not take anything for granted and ask any related questions.

5.- Do not go to a real estate agency to rent an apartment

If you do not want to be surprised and you want the rental of a home not to become your particular headache, we advise you to leave everything in the hands of a real estate agency like ours.

The rental price will already be a price negotiated with the homeowner. In addition, it will be our competence to be in charge of drafting the contract that you can look at with us carefully to check that everything is in order before signing. Likewise, you will have the guarantee that the home you rent is in perfect condition and that, in the event of any setback, you will have an assigned real estate agent who will assist you whenever you need it.

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