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Few points for Furnished Apartments:-

A First Cleaning

If the rental apartment is furnished apartments, it is time to check the furniture, textiles, or lamps and check what condition they are in. Get rid of anything that’s badly damaged if it’s impossible to repair. Keep in mind that future tenants are going to pay a lot of attention to this aspect and that nowadays you can find very attractive furniture at low prices.

A Coat Of Paint

It is another factor that helps to make a good impression. Painting the floor does not cost much and, in return, provides an image of cleanliness and care that any tenant will appreciate. And since we are talking about paint, choose white or neutral colors, they are the ones that work best when renting a flat.

Small Repairs

Small Repairs are necessary to make your space an Furnished Apartments, It is something that cannot be overlooked when setting up a rental apartment. In addition, any repair will have to be done sooner or later, so it is better to do it with the floor still unoccupied.

What to check? Everything: that the doors and windows open and close correctly, that the plugs and switches work, that there are no loose doors in the furniture, that the blinds move without problems, or that the taps are not clogged by limescale. Sometimes they are small details, but they also count.

Some Other Reform

There are elements that are not easily repaired, such as the floor or the coverings. But it is not too late to have the floor ready for September. If they are badly damaged, laying a vinyl floor or painting the tiles does not take much time and does not cost much money.

In exchange for that little effort, the house will offer a more modern appearance and will be much more attractive to those interested in renting it.

Attention To Details

It is not necessary to decorate your rental apartment as if it were the protagonist of a decoration page, but the details matter. Take great care of the lighting, since it expands the spaces. And place some element that helps create an image of warmth and comfort, it can be some cushions or plants, to give you an idea.

An Ultimate Clean

Order and cleanliness are essential to make a good impression, so the set-up of your rental apartment must end yes or yes with a good cleaning. All the surfaces must be in perfect magazine order, the crystals spotless and the electrical appliances (if any, and they are made of stainless steel) shiny.

Keep these tips in mind to set up your rental apartment and you will make it irresistible. Plus, that facelift won’t take you long. You may be too lazy to get to work now, but it’s worth it!


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