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Despite the decline in sales in the real estate sector due to the covid crisis and the quarantine, an increase is expected in this second semester for apartment investment, driven by the withdrawal of 10% from pension funds and the very close next second withdrawal that is in progress. processing in the lower house.

If you made use of the 10% withdrawal benefit from pension funds, a good way to use this money is in long-term investments, doubling your funds even more by investing in a property.

Why invest in apartments or Apartment Investment

The concentration of the population is generated near the large business centers since people prefer proximity to their workplaces, in this sense the departments manage to better cover this need.

Surely you are wondering what the other reasons for this increase are, and it is that the apartments undoubtedly have some characteristics that make them a better alternative when investing or apartment investment.

1. Increased security

Living in an apartment, the feeling of being protected is higher, because in residential buildings the security systems are larger and more modern. They have surveillance cameras in common spaces and elevators for greater surveillance and control of what happens in the building. Reception with a concierge who controls access to the building, with a previous call to the department before allowing access, makes it less likely to suffer a robbery in the home and generates greater security when leaving the property during vacation periods.

2. Fewer expenses

Living in apartments tends to generate much fewer expenses than living in a house. First, heating a house for the number of square meters that it has is usually much more expensive, whether the heating is gas or electric, instead the new construction standards of buildings make them more energy-efficient, and also to take advantage of more sunlight for better lighting.

On the other hand, the exterior spaces of a house also generate an extra expense, maintenance of roofs and walls, gardens, and pool maintenance, if any. When living in an apartment, all these expenses are concentrated only in common expenses that must be paid once a month, but they will always be much less compared to a house.

3. Connectivity and closeness

Living in apartments allows greater proximity to work areas, access to all types of public transport and shopping areas, contrary to residential areas of the house that are larger and are located on the outskirts of the city away from business areas.

4. Additional services for Apartment Investment

Now it is more common for buildings to be built with special services for their inhabitants, within these are gyms, laundry, event hall, recycling rooms, barbecue areas, swimming pool, parking lots and bicycle stations.

Having these services included certainly generates cost savings by not having to look for them elsewhere, such as savings on the monthly gym fee. Contrary to living in a house in which the purchase of kitchen equipment and furniture should be considered to have a place to receive visitors, cleaning and maintenance of the pool.

5. 24/7 reception

The extra benefit, and no less important, is to have parcel reception and messaging throughout the year, in this aspect the problem of not being present to receive something important that is expected is forgotten, this will be a task that the concierge of the building will perform.

6. Fewer worries in Apartment Investment

By investing in an apartment you can forget about the maintenance of outdoor spaces such as gardens, roofs, and others. You can freely go out for long periods of time without worrying about leaving someone in charge of seeing the gardens since all these maintenance services for the common areas are in charge of the building administration.

7. Profitability in Apartment Investment

With the data that we provide at the beginning of the article, it is clear that it is much more profitable to buy an apartment if you want to invest in properties, the increase in rental properties and the population’s preference for apartments makes it a much more profitable investment in the long run term.


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