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Learn the benefits and drawbacks of Is It Better to Buy New or Used Homes, and use the professional advice of Yarmoloy Group to help you make an informed choice.

We explain when to buy a new home or is it better to buy new or used home and when you should opt for a used one.

We know that choosing a property is not an easy task, as there are many efforts and time dedicated to this investment, but we assure you that it is worth it.

If you are thinking of buying a home, but you do not know whether to choose new or used, at Yarmoloy Group we will tell you some advantages of each type so that you can make the best decision.

When to buy a new home or is it better to buy new or used home?

If what you want is brand new or to have a home that offers you multiple additional services without leaving home, such as green areas, a swimming pool or places of recreation for the whole family, a new home is your best option.

If in addition to brand new you want to be able to save to pay for the property , the best thing to do is to buy off plans . This form allows you to separate the house with little money and then you will have up to 36 months to pay the initial installment, which corresponds to 20% or 30% of the value of the property.

Another point in favor of a new home is that the price you negotiate with the builder or seller from the beginning is maintained until the house or apartment is ready for delivery. But, by the time the work is completed, the commercial value of the property has generally increased, which represents a gain from the valuation .

Also, if you decide to invest in a new home, keep in mind that by buying through our PLP platform , you can access the lowest prices of pre-sale projects.

In our buying guide we explain everything you need to take into account when buying a home.

When to buy used housing or is it better to buy new or used home?

On the other hand, although there are many myths surrounding second-hand housing , if what you are looking for is large spaces , second-hand housing may be your best option.

And if you want or need to move soon or for the property to start renting immediately , the advantage of a used home is that the delivery term is agreed directly with the seller and you will not have to wait 2 years or more for the construction to finish. .

Additionally, in the used market you will find a wide offer, with options of different prices and conditions , you can even negotiate the value directly with the seller.

Regardless of whether you decide on a new or used home, remember that at La Haus we accompany you for free during the home buying process.


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