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Yarmoloy Group: Optimise Your Home's Value: Crucial Steps to Take, House Before Selling It 

Many of you will ask yourselves: is it worth it to reform my house before selling it? When we are going to sell our flat or the house we always try to give it reform and try to make it as attractive as possible since we will be more successful in selling it the more attractive it is.

But since it is a second-hand home, doubts arise as a revaluation is expected to compensate for said reform. That it is really revalued depends on several factors that we tell you below.

Analyze the Purchase price of House before Selling it

One of the factors is indeed the purchase price. Selling our home at a higher price or not will depend mainly on the original price. If when you bought the house you did it at a fairly good price because you took advantage of the years of the crisis in which prices were lower or if you have inherited it, it is almost certain that carrying out some reform will increase the sale value.

You have to take into account factors such as the location, the dimensions of your home, or the average sale price in the area, but small changes to update the equipment or certain furniture will surely “fit” the house and it will look much better.

Characteristics of the area

You also have to take into account the potential of housing and the demand in your area. There are certain areas of Madrid that are indeed trending now and this makes any investment worthwhile since eventually, we will find a buyer. Two examples of cases in which we can see ourselves reflected as sellers:

If we have an old and deteriorated apartment in a very touristic neighborhood or one that is in high demand, surely, a reform will be worth it, since there is more demand than supply and the apartment will be acquired quickly and at a very good price.

However, we do have an incredible apartment with a terrace in a neighborhood that is not very popular and not very touristy. In this case, a reform will increase the revaluation of the property and will boost it above the rest of its area.

In markets as saturated as the housing market, any option to improve the apartment with a reform will make it stand out from the competition and that is exactly what we want: that our house be the protagonist in the sales portals to achieve sell it or rent it as soon as possible.

You will revalue your home by 20%

Experts in housing reforms explain that those apartments that are reformed to sell, are usually revalued by around 20%, even with the costs of the reform included. Moreover, of course, they are sold or rented faster. Facts that show us that reforming is indeed worthwhile.

Home Staging. Do you know what it is?

We also want to mention in relation to this topic an article that we talked about in the past on our blog: the concept of Home Staging, a technique by which with different changes and/or small reforms we would increase the value of our house in the face of a sale. With this, we would highlight the strengths of your home to make it more attractive and therefore easier to sell or rent quickly.

The important thing is to turn the house into a home, and that others perceive it and see your house as their ideal home.

Selling a house is not easy, but we are convinced that with the different tips that we leave you each month, you will achieve it without problems and you will sell it with a good offer.

The whole team of Yarmoloy Group can help you, both with the reform, as with the Home Staging, as with anything you need. You can count on us to carry out any action you want to carry out in your home.


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