We are glad to know that you’re reading this again because today we want to tell you how to prepare your house and sell it quickly!

As well. If you are one of those lucky people who is selling your house because it is time to buy a new one, congratulations! Here I give you the 3 best tips to prepare it and get the best game easily and quickly.

Well, here is our first piece of advice: You have to get a crush at first sight because let’s be honest, how would you like to find yourself, the house that will be your next home? Dirty? Broken and messy? Probably not. Then let’s get to work.

This is our second tip. Remember, you only have one opportunity for each visitor and it is super important that your potential buyers can imagine their spaces as if they were already living there.

Third advice, consider it: It can be very convenient for you, to have someone who advises you to get the best out of your home if you have no idea how to do it and, incidentally, take care of the sale. By the way, do you know Home Staging? That is how the Tips Prepare your house and sell it quickly works.

Prepare your house and sell it quickly, Cleaning and organization

Prepare your house and sell it quickly includes cleaning and organization. If you’re going to show the house occupied, furniture and all, because you can’t completely empty it, clean and organize all of its contents in a way that reflects as much space and order as possible.

Arrange clothes, shoes, and everything inside your closets. Remove from other spaces and surfaces everything that is of very particular use such as crockery, books and other items that overload the space and the view.

Add new paint to the walls, preferably in neutral colors. They are the best.

Correct flaws. No leaking keys, sagging or squeaking doors. Clean furniture and glass to keep them looking nice and fresh. Use waxes, polishes and liquids to give that feeling. Clean everything that is touched with the hands to avoid an image of carelessness by accumulating dirt. If it can’t be cleaned, paint it, repair it, or replace it.

Bathrooms and kitchen, clean and without odors.

The idea is to convey an immaculate house. That he wants to stay and live there. It is recommended that you remove all your personal items so that people feel that they are going to occupy their own space and not another family’s house. If you smoke or have a pet, ventilate everything very well to avoid odors that your visitors might not like. Oh, and another thing: if the furniture is too worn to not look good, it is best to empty the house.

Tip: Prepare your house and sell it quickly, If the house is furnished and there is a topic to discuss, take them to the living room and offer them a cookie or cupcake. This usually generates such a pleasant feeling that it will make it easier for them to feel as comfortable as at home.


Prepare your house and sell it quickly, Remember, light in abundance and small details in the decoration to fall in love with. It is important to ensure that the rooms receive maximum natural light and if this is scarce, complement it with artificial light.

Try to make the visits at the time of greatest light of the day. Add details such as colorful cushions, natural plants, etc. Make your home look desirable to live in. Very well. Now…

Get ready for the sale.

Prepare your house and sell it quickly, And here comes my third piece of advice: Prepare for the sale. You probably want to have the support of a real estate agent who is in charge of attending the visits. He tries not to intervene in the process. If it is possible not to be during the time of the presentation, much better, or if you have to be, try to stay on the sidelines as a mere spectator. Inform very well and establish the limits and terms of the negotiation with your agent and let him act.

And finally, if you do it, announce yourself. Today there are many companies and portals that help promote your home when it comes to selling. As always, having the assistance of an expert may seem expensive in form, but deep down it can be cheaper if it makes the whole process easier for you, saves time, and avoids problems in the event of any unforeseen event.


When you have closed your sale, we are waiting for you at Yarmoloy Group to give you excellent alternatives in locations, our Company strives to create housing opportunities for everyone, whether you are a working professional, or someone looking to have a great vacation home to enjoy with your family, we have the property for you.