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Yarmoloy Group provides full-service rental agreement services customised to meet your requirements. With our professional guidance, secure your lease right away.

As a property owner of a home, there are a number of things that it is important that you keep in mind so that you can sign the rental of your quiet and safe apartment with your tenants. Today Yarmoloy Group experts will give you some key tips to find the ideal renters and sign the rental agreement without problems.

Tips Before Signing The Rental Agreement

1. Finding The Ideal Tenant To Sign The Rental Agreement

One of the big concerns of property owners is the non-payment of rent and the problems that tenants can cause in the house. If you do not choose your tenants well, it can become a real headache for you. A great way to avoid this situation is by hiring rental insurance, in this way you will be protected against any problem with the tenant.

It is important that you think to whom you would like to rent your home; this will be related to the next point, as we will see below. It is not the same to want a student apartment to get more profitability, than a family or a young couple.

The type of home you have and how you prepare it will influence the profile that will come to visit you. You also have to be consistent, if you want a student flat to get more money per room, be aware that it will surely give you more problems than if a young couple lives.

On a financial level, it is important to ensure that future tenants have financial stability and that they can pay you on a monthly basis. Asking for a solidarity guarantee can be a good option to have home rental insurance in case of non-payment, especially if it is a poorly solvent profile.

2. Prepare The House

Putting an apartment for rent is not just renting and charging it, it takes time and you have to prepare it and know how to invest in housing. When we talk about preparing the floor, we are talking about decorating it so that the maximum possible number of visitors will like it, that is:

  • No garish colors.
  • No extravagances.
  • Use neutral colors.
  • Paint the walls white.

These are the basic rules to decorate any rental apartment or put a house for sale. If the tenants are going to live in the apartment and they cannot change much because it is not theirs, try to do it in the most neutral way possible so that it is easier for them to adapt it to their liking.

You will have to decide if you want to rent with or without furniture. Currently, most of the apartments are rented unfurnished, which means less expense for the owner and more freedom for the renter. If you decide to furnish it, follow the same advice as to the previous point: comfortable and neutral furniture.

Furnishing it is an option when they are student flats since they live seasonally and it is more convenient than having to buy all the furniture and then sell it or store it when they return home. In the case of furnishing it, you will have to add everything in the inventory of the rental contract.

3. Getting To Rent The House And Signing The Rental Contract

Currently, to rent a home, the easiest way is through real estate portals and managing visits and contacts. But if you want to ensure the rent and that you find the ideal tenants, as quickly as possible and with all the documentation in order, it is best that you go to professionals who carry out the rental management.

At Yarmoloy Group, we do a prior economic study to guarantee greater security to our owners and we guarantee 0% delinquency and that on the 15th of each month you will collect the rent. We will also take care of:

  • Publish your home with professional photos
  • Position the ad on the main portals.
  • Analyze the economic profile of the tenants.
  • Help you manage visits.
  • Prepare the documentation for the signing of the rental contract.
  • Change supplies for the tenant.

In addition, we can fully manage your rent for a monthly fee, in which we include non-payment insurance. This policy will cover you up to 12 months of income in case of non-payment and all expenses and eviction procedures, if necessary.


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