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Selling or Sell a house can become, if you don’t know-how, an arduous task that can absorb a large part of your time and, despite this, not give the expected results. If your idea of ​​selling a house is to hang up the For Sale sign and sit back and wait, at Yarmoloy Group we want to help you by giving you certain key tips to sell your home without losing your mind in the attempt. We tell you about the advantages of carrying out the sales process with us, avoiding the high fixed commissions of traditional real estate agencies.

Choose the company with which you want to sell a house

First of all, you must make the decision of which company you want to accompany you throughout the process, and for this reason, we give you the main points that you must pay attention to in order to make a good decision on this first point.

At the offset, we are clear that offering a comprehensive service in which our entire team is involved is key to optimally achieving the objective. Our extensive knowledge of the market, our knowledge of marketing, of all legal issues, of the most competitive prices, as well as knowing how to get the most out of your property, make us an ideal alternative, also avoiding the high commissions of traditional real estate agents. , your real estate online without commissions and success.

Set the price to Sell a House

If you are interested in selling an apartment or selling a house, it is important to set a reasonable and fair starting price. To do this, you must be in line with the prices of homes that are similar by area and characteristics, as well as subsequently evaluate the individual state of the home itself, which is not always easy and requires a professional to do it correctly. Have the documentation up to date

Take care of the imperfections of the house

Getting the most out of your home is vital to give a good image of it. The same home can cause very different impressions depending on its condition, beyond possible large or small reforms, but also due to its decoration, cleanliness, and order.

Do small renovations to Sell a House

In this same sense, it is very important that you improve those small defects that can hinder the sale of the property. At displacement, we can also help you in this regard, since with our renovation service we will leave your house looking like new for the new buyer.

Home staging

The home staging technique consists of conditioning a home so that it is sold as quickly as possible and at the best price. It is about depersonalizing, ordering, clearing, cleaning, repairing and organizing space, and harmonizing.

These techniques are used because potential buyers who visit homes often find it difficult to project themselves into a very personalized house or with a very marked decoration, which is why this technique highlights the strengths and minimizes the weaknesses of a property. The goal is to turn the house into a neutral and welcoming place where most visitors feel comfortable.

Play with light

Light changes everything. Through light, we see and perceive everything that surrounds us, and thanks to it we capture a large number of nuances that we process unconsciously.

Of course, the first thing is that there is enough light and, from there, play with it. Showing a house in darkness detracts from it in an incalculable way, since it does not highlight its qualities and will give the impression of sadness. Starting from that base, knowledge about lighting in a home is key to enhancing its beauty, its spaces and its skill. It is a point that we should never neglect, because our perception of the property can change radically only thanks to this point.

Photography to Sell a House

As an extension of this, the photographs with which your house is offered must be a very careful job, carried out by a professional who knows how to take full advantage of the light and the plans of each room or room. A poorly taken image of a dark room is not only inconspicuous, it detracts greatly from it.

At displacement we send an expert to your home who will prepare all the audiovisual material to create a professional advertisement that attracts the maximum number of visits.

Cleanliness is key to Sell a House

Of course, the order and cleanliness of the property is an essential requirement for someone to fall in love with your house. As much as a house fits the profile of a buyer, if the house is messy or lacks cleanliness, the chances that the sale will not happen increase at a dizzying rate.


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