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Hire a Rental Management Company if you are facing any trouble regarding your property, Yarmoloy Group helping those who are not owners who are not aware of how delicate it is to rent a home. They tend to only look at the easy thing, that is, at the end of the month the owner charges, but they do not see all the loss of time, money, and effort that comes with obtaining the benefits of their investment. In fact, every owner must be careful with the choice of their tenants, be prepared to manage incidents, carry out the necessary maintenance works or deal with possible defaults, among other things. Come on, renting an apartment is not exactly a breeze!

If you have ever thought ‘I wish there was someone who takes care of all the browns, so that I can get paid and that’s it, you may be interested in the ‘Comprehensive rental management service’. It is a service through which you forget all the problems and always charge at the end of the month (whether the tenant pays or not).

A service born for large investors, now aimed at property owners

The Comprehensive Rental Management Service is born from the traditional wealth management services, aimed at those large investors who need experts who manage their assets day by day and guarantee them security. The success obtained with asset management has inevitably led to the export of this concept to investors with smaller assets and, at Canmore Alberta in Canada; we have decided to dedicate the same attention, the same care, and the same professionalism to those who have an apartment than one who has a hotel. At the end of the day, every owner, no matter how large or small their assets, want security for their investments and to reap the benefits at the end of the month.

For those who decide to hire an expert in comprehensive rental management, My Apartment in Madrid offers the attention of an expert, who in addition to keeping you constantly informed and being alert to your needs, will take care of:

  1. Personalized management strategy.
  2. Contracting of insurance.
  3. Marketing for rent.
  4. Management of conflicts with the tenant.
  5. Preparation of maintenance budgets.

Since then we take care of finding the tenants, managing incidents and defaults, and carrying out the necessary maintenance without having to bother you. When he wants, Mr. Pablo calls us and we inform him about all his doubts.

Obviously, the service we are talking about today would be useful for many other cases. As is also the case for sale, many owners do not have time to take care of answering the dozens of calls from potential tenants or to take people to see the property at any time of the day. This reduces the chances of renting your property to the most suitable tenant since you discard many opportunities from the beginning.

A professional rental manager will always be available to take calls, filter, and keep the good ones and, of course, will be there to show the property to whoever needs to see it. The same happens with incidents. If your tenant’s washing machine breaks down, the manager takes care of solving the problem without you having to neglect your work or your commitments.

So we can return to the initial question: why hire a Comprehensive Rental Management service?

  1. You will have security, support, and guarantees.
  2. Because you will have a solid company that manages your investment.
  3. Because you will simplify your life avoiding having to resolve conflicts with tenants.
  4. Because default insurance will guarantee you have your money at the end of the month, whether or not the tenant pays.
  5. Because your apartment will always be in good condition.
  6. Because it is a 100% successful service.


In short, the Comprehensive Rental Service is designed so that every investor, large or small, can enjoy the fruits of their property, reducing risks to a minimum and maximizing profits, thus having a safe and stable rental.

From an economic point of view, it is much more convenient than a traditional rental marketing service.

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