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The Square Meter Value Of A House Analysis

Whether you decide to buy or build a property, you need to have clear basic real estate concepts. As which? For example the square meter value of a house

The square meter value of a house is a basic unit that makes it easy to determine how much a property should cost. It is the ideal unit, both to value constructions already finished, as well as those to be carried out.

Even if you are not going to become a real estate expert, you should know how it is calculated. If you are interested in knowing a little more about the subject, keep reading that we will give you some keys.

How to calculate the price per square meter of a property?

Generally, to calculate the price per square meter of a property, a simple multiplication is made. The most generic formula indicates that the measurements (in meters) of width and length of the spaces must be multiplied.

Basically the square meter value of a house calculation formula counts for both built and unbuilt properties.

Suppose we have a house or house project with a width of 10 meters and a length of 15 meters. To calculate how many square meters are worth multiplying 10 × 15. In total construction the property would have 150 m2.

This is another important fact. If the building is two stories, then multiply the 150 m2 by two. In total, the construction would have, in this case of having two floors, 300 m2.

We must be clear that the square meter of land is not the same as that of built property. You can have a plot of 500 m2 and only a building of 100 m2.

In practice, it is the 100 m2 that are considered to value the property. The land is certainly another separate factor, which must be weighed for the final price.

To get a clearer picture of how this calculation is done, it is wise to seek expert advice . Like the ones we have at Buscando Casa ! We are a team willing to help you clarify your real estate doubts.

What defines the square meter value of a House?

The square meter value of a house is defined by:

The materials used in construction. It is necessary to include in this item everything from what was used to make the foundations, to those materials that were applied for the finishes and coatings.

The workforce of the workers involved in the construction. Other roles must also be taken into account, such as those of supervisors and those responsible for the work.

In some cases, the time it took or could take to carry out the work in its entirety can be added.

The square meter value of a house varies in the same way according to the geographical areas. They can even vary from one area to another in the same locality. The costs of, for example, permits, and authorization of connections must be taken into account.

 How big is a square meter?

Basically, the square meter value of a house is a metric unit equivalent to an area of ​​a square. This square measures on each of the sides, one meter.

The square meter is the unit, one could say, most used to calculate the size of surfaces, land, houses, apartments, and much more.

With this standard unit, it is possible to identify the properties or land that interests us, whether they are to buy or rent. This, many times, without having to physically visit them.

In this era of social networks and digital search media, information on square meters is essential.

But pay attention, in addition to seeing the square meter value of a house in a property publication, it is also important to see photographs. Although the property may have many square meters, they are not necessarily well distributed.

Build vs buy house or apartments ready

Building and buying have their pros and cons. But everything will depend fundamentally on: your budget and the time you want to take to have the house of your dreams.

Building a house requires more time and much more paperwork than when you buy. You must also understand yourself with different professionals during the different stages of construction. That can be exhausting.

The advantage when building is that you can project it to your liking. And over time expand and improve it according to the same plan.

When you buy a house or apartment ready, in a short time you can move. You can also remodel, depending on your budget.

Although generally, if you invested a significant amount, the remodeling may be in the background or third plane.

In any case, taking these steps requires reflection and study of the alternatives . Do not overlook, that you build or buy, there are different ways to get financing. A point in favor to achieve your dream of your own home.


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