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The real estate sector has an undeniable weight in the economy and to get the benefit from it you should acquire commercial rental property. The growth and recovered health of the buying and selling markets have turned the real estate portfolio into one of the fundamental pillars for the field of investment and financing of large consortiums. But not only the business sector is interested in this investment, Many families also see real estate investment as an attractive way of making a profit.

In this article, from Yarmoloy Group we will talk about What Do I Need To Know To Invest In Real Estate.

Why invest in the real estate sector or acquire commercial rental property?

The housing market last year was on the rise across the country with an increase of 8.1%. In the capital, the internal increase reached 17.0%. The drastic reduction in the supply of second-hand housing in the capital contributed to this increase, as well as the little construction of new construction.

With this in mind, you may be wondering if you should invest in real estate right now, how to invest in real estate successfully, or if it is too late. You may also be wondering if you should invest in real estate in a traditional sense, such as becoming a homeowner, or if there are other options for you.

The good news is that not only is this a great time to invest in real estate with more growth likely to be on the way but there are also more ways than ever to invest in homes without having to deal with tenants or other minutiae to which the owners are dedicated.

The traditional option: buy a flat to rent 

There is a sector in Spain that has a predilection for rental housing. In addition, the substantial increase that rents have been experiencing in the last two years makes this investment very attractive. Currently, buying a flat for rent is a favorite option for national and foreign investors, which provides a higher return than bank deposits or public debt. Whether you invest in new construction or second-hand housing, both are profitable operations.


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