Commercial & Residential Properties in BC & Alberta

Cleaning Services

If you are searching for a professional cleaning service, you should only use ones that are bonded and insured. This will assure you of top-quality results and will also reduce the risk of damage to your belongings.  A professional cleaning company that is bonded and insured will be able to perform all of the tasks that they will require and in the time frame, you require it.

Here at the Yarmoloy Group, we have prescreened local companies in all the locations we currently offer listings. If you are looking to have a company come in to do a throughout cleaning or to just set up a weekly / monthly service we can recommend a company for you.  Let our Team here at Yarmoloy Group introduce you to one of our prescreened companies for you to speak with to see if they fit your needs. Having someone come into your house, condo, or apartment who you do not know is always a challenge. We work to make that process as simple and secure as possible.

Cleaning Companies that are bonded and insured will make sure that you have professional clean-up that is completed in a timely fashion. If you are looking for information on cleaning companies in your area, we are happy to help you with finding the perfect one. For more information contact us here.