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When the market is very dynamic, whether you buy or sell, everything moves more smoothly. But good times are not always going through and you have to be prepared. To sell your house faster, in any situation, we offer you 15 recommendations.

Evaluate the reasons to sell your house

You must evaluate the good reasons to sell your house faster. There are many reasons that can lead you to sell your house. Basically, they are all valid, but that does not mean that you should not evaluate why you are doing it.

In any case, the goal is that the sale comes to a successful conclusion, or at least that you do not lose out.

Selling the house on impulse or without consciously reflecting on what you want to achieve with that action? , it can cause you a headache in the future.


There must be some objectives to sell your house faster. Surely obtaining an interesting profit is the most common objective when selling a property. Buying a property that is more suited to current needs or selling to invest in a different business may be the ultimate goal.

Whatever the objective, it must be clear to know how far the negotiation process will take us. Without a clear objective, the task can become difficult or take longer.


The most logical thing is that the expectations for this type of negotiations are high, especially if you do not have much experience in sales. Putting your feet on the ground and being cautious with expectations can go down better throughout the process.

We will try to sell your house faster but Selling your house can take a long time: be patient, be realistic with the price and put together an action plan

What do you have to pay to sell a house?

In the negotiations of buying and selling a property, several expenses must be considered that are not included as such in the sale price of the property.

These must be budgeted or at least considered and understand that they will be paid at some point, so that they are not a surprise: for example: the deed, the property registry, the notary fees and taxes are the additional expenses that you must have in mind. look at it when selling your house.

What does the buyer and seller of a home pay?

Whoever buys must pay the Real Estate Acquisition Tax (ISAI), which is of local representation. It is also called Domain Transfer Tax or Real Estate Acquisition Tax. This may vary across jurisdictions.

Whoever sells (a natural person) must pay the Income Tax (ISR) for the sale of a house, but there are some exceptions, for example, if the maximum sale does not reach 700 Investment Units.

What do I do to sell my house faster?

Everyone wants to sell your house faster, The time that can pass for the entire process of selling your house to be completed is unknown, because there are many factors that influence it. The sale of a property can be a short or a long process; full of paperwork and negotiations.

Some studies indicate that it can take up to 2 years to place a property. Others speak of at least 6 months and others more than an average of 4.5 months depending on the season and local circumstances.

Good news! There are some recommendations that you can take into account, so that this whole topic does not extend more than necessary to sell your house faster.

Analyze the market situation

To sell your house faster analyze the market solution. The real estate market is constantly evolving. Buyers are increasingly clear about what they want and where they can get it. Technology has also done its thing and it is easier for anyone curious to take a look on their cell phone or computer and find out about prices, trends and possibilities.

Customers are becoming more informed and that is why vendors must be one step ahead.

In a market study, the registration of customer, property and competition data is involved.

Knowing the strategy of the competition is essential to draw your own, improving aspects and giving more advantages so that the client has reasons to choose you.

Special attention must be paid to the price ranges according to the areas and neighborhoods that are booming and those that are not.

Plan your budget

You may first plan your budget first to sell your house faster. To sell, do you have to invest? Yes, you have to invest.

At this point, the most decisive thing is to outline a budget that must include, for example, advertising expenses, registration in a real estate portal, among others.

The possibility of having to do some major or minor repair to improve the aesthetics of the property.

Any incidence that has the objective of increasing the possibilities of the sale and that requires the investment of resources, must be contemplated in the budget.

First impression counts

Both the property and the seller must always make a good first impression.

In the case of the property, it has to be impeccable in terms of cleanliness. There should be no disorder and what does not add up, should come out of the picture. Gnawed furniture, withered plants, bathrooms with missing pieces or circumstances similar to these, should not be allowed, that is, everything that visually deteriorates or affects the spaces.

In the case of the seller, he must convey professionalism, be polite at all times, friendly and proactive. He must not give space to doubts and be, as far as possible available, through at least one channel at all times (phone call, whatsapp message, email).

If the seller builds trust from minute one, there are more chances that the client will be interested in negotiating the property more easily.

Take some good photos

To sell your house faster you must take Good, clear, well-lit photos can be the difference between more interested buyers and an empty schedule. It is important to keep in mind that how it looks will directly influence capturing the largest number of potential customers or interested parties.

The first thing is to consult specialized pages or tutorials and take note of advice and tips to take photos like a professional.

The most basic thing is to follow the rule of thirds, use a tripod or support so that the photos are not blurred and take advantage of the best spaces on the property. If you have a nice patio, a newly remodeled bathroom, or top-notch flooring, highlight those attributes.

Have your paperwork and paperwork ready

Get your papers ready to sell your faster. A property in the best aesthetic and functional conditions, but also with all its papers and documents in order, will always be much more attractive and easier to sell than any that occupies additional legal procedures in the future.

Worry about having all the documents up to date and at hand in case an interested client wants to hurry up and buy the property without too many delays.

Be realistic about the price of the house

Make a good and fair price for your house to sell your house faster. If you did a previous study of the market, you are in a position to hit an investment price to acquire the property adjusted to reality. It is important that, just as you should avoid exceeding the amount listed for sale, you should also pay attention not to undervalue it.

Move as the market moves and you must be willing to revise the price when necessary.

Another valuable tip! anticipate a trading range and be prepared to make a counter offer in case you are interested in closing with a lower price than the published one.

Don’t hide flaws

You have to be honest about any flaws or repairs the property might need if you have to sell your house faster.

It says a lot about the integrity of the seller when he is sincere about the virtues, but also about the defects that could affect the property or property in the present or future.

Although you can get more out of the sale of a property in the best conditions, it does not result in a violation of negotiating a property with some issues to resolve in terms of infrastructure, as long as they are truthfully informed to potential buyers.

Sell ​​a home more than a house

Tell prospective buyers about the sentimental value that the house represents for your family, how it was built or the dreams that you came to fulfill living in that property (this is a psychological factor that generates empathy).

Selling a property is no longer just limited to the structure, it is also about selling the dream of the ideal home

Help these possible buyers and sell your house faster as well, by sharing these anecdotes, to visualize themselves in the future in a similar situation. Make them want to buy your house by touching sentimental chords.

Check the creditworthiness of the buyer

To sell your house faster you first have to look and indicate the potential buyers. Unfortunately, it can happen that the person seriously interested in buying the property does not have the resources or the authorized loans to complete the operation.

Circumstances like these can affect your sales plans, delaying them longer than they should or than you are willing to wait.

Check the credentials or credit history of the prospect and make him see that, if all these papers are in order, the processes will be simpler for the benefit of both parties. The goal is that valuable time is not wasted.

Prepare a sales plan

Prepare a plan to sell your house faster and budget for the promotion of housing, in which you include sales posters, advertisements on the internet or on social networks. Implementing marketing and sales strategies is key to achieving your goals efficiently.

Organize each step you are going to take, do not leave anything to chance, the prospective buyer must feel that you are in control of the situation and that you know what you are doing. You are the expert who will bring the negotiation process to a successful conclusion.

Make a dating record

You have to be alert to sell your house faster, In this appointment record you must include the details of the person who will visit the property , including their official identification for security reasons.

Prospective buyers who are interested in viewing your home, and who have legitimate reasons to do so, will have no problem providing basic information. They will surely understand that it is for the benefit of the negotiation.

A telephone number, an identification, the number of people who could accompany you and even other details such as the place where you work, may be pertinent data to find out, register them and have them available, even in the event of future offers with other properties that may interest you.

Behave like an expert seller

Be prepared and behave like a real seller to sell your house faster and not like the owner of the house for sale. A good negotiation can give you all the advantages you are looking for; a bad negotiation can make you lose a lot of money.

Get informed, study material from experts that is available online. Being prepared is imperative. Make a questionnaire of what you would ask a seller and put together the answers. If the buyer asks you, you can answer them naturally.

Get advice from experts

To sell your house faster you have to take advice from experts, It doesn’t hurt to seek expert opinion . Perhaps you can do a general consultation of the situation of your property with a professional real estate agent.

Knock on the door of a reputable agency, like Yarmoloy Group, and ask as many questions as you think might help. We are ready to guide you and give you the best advice so you can sell your house faster and in the best conditions.

We have the experience and a lot of motivation to be on your side because we want you to grow, meet your goals and get good impressions of the real estate world and real estate.

And if your goal is to sell, to buy another property, we can also take you by the hand in that process and help you get the house of your dreams.

Take into account all the tips that we can give you in Buscando Casa and apply the ones you think are most convenient.

Arm yourself with patience

Arm yourself with a good dose of patience and do not despair because the house does not sell at first. The objective is to complete the business under the best possible conditions and it may take time to achieve it, but the results will be worth all the efforts.

An exercise you can do to enjoy the process is to write down in a notebook each action you are taking to reach the goal.

Review your notes from time to time, it is a good way to know if you have to adjust any steps to continue on the right track.

Choose a course of action

The real estate business is no longer just about selling a property, it is about selling a lifestyle, a dream, aspirations.

It is for this reason that when you want to sell a property you must know who you want to sell it to. With this clear, the work can be facilitated.

Mapping out a course of action refers to defining clear goals and effectively managing the resources at hand.

A practical example: You have a property of no more than 60 square meters, 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, an integrated living-dining room and a very modest kitchen, you cannot target a prospective buyer with a large family, because as much as the property is nice or in a good location, it is not what that prospect would be looking for.

Choosing a course of action could also mean seeking the ultimate help from professionals to help you close the deal so you can get the most out of it. Remember that at Yarmoloy Group we want to give you that accompaniment in case you need it.


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