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There is nothing more stressful than handing over a property for rent and surely many will have told you before. This issue affects both parties and even more so when there was no intermediary who will be in charge of making the conditions clear from the beginning.

You may have many doubts about how the best way would be, so from now on we can tell you that Yarmoly Group property management company gives you the best support. This is a great benefit for both the property owner and the tenant since they establish the parameters from the beginning.

How To Start The Rental Deal For A Property

To start this type of real estate transaction, you must have a contract that provides and protects both parties. The key point is to be clear with the contract and you should even know that since 2003 in Colombia the Law 820 of Real Estate Leases has been in force. The objective of this law is to establish the criteria that should serve as the basis for regulating lease contracts for urban real estate intended solely for housing.

What Should Be Clear?

Handing over a property for rent is not just taking out your little things and now, it is complying with moral and ethical obligations. To be clearer, it implies fulfilling a commitment with the owner of the rental property and delivering it in the same conditions in which it was received. However, the possible deterioration caused by the use and natural wear of things must be taken into consideration since a scratched wall, a leaking dishwasher or a broken window may be sufficient reasons for the tenant not to be able to restore, as it should, the property to its owner or to the responsible real estate agency.

What You Should Know For The Delivery Of A Rental Property

These are some aspects that you should take into account when handing over a rental property:

Be At Peace And Safe From Obligations

It may be silly to say it, but it should be noted that some of these obligations are often forgotten for the simple fact of being aware of the new property. We recommend that you be very attentive to all financial obligations such as the fee, administration fee, and public services. These payments are also usually stipulated in the lease.

Administration Payment Will Always Be Important

In the case of horizontal properties, this payment is usually agreed upon but omitted. Therefore, many times it turns out to be an inconvenience when it comes time for the delivery of the leased property to pay the administration fee. Since it becomes usual for the tenant to leave with high debt for this concept of the leased property. Among other possible theories, it is usual for families to hang up or omit a payment, for these cases we suggest that for no reason the delivery of the property is certified while there is a default with the monthly fee. Remember if you are a tenant that real estate agencies usually suggest recommendations.


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